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Health Insurance News

What are the benefits of private health insurance?


There are many benefits to private health insurance. It allows you to choose from a wider selection of hospitals, treatment options and specialists. Private health care also offers decreased wait times and peace of mind by helping to pay for treatments in the event of unexpected health issues. Read more...

Does corporate health insurance cover mental illness?


Increasing wait times and a lack of funding are making it hard for people with mental illnesses to receive adequate care. Implementing a corporate health insurance plan to satisfactorily cover your employees when it comes to mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety can help. Read more...

Health insurance requirements for the new TSS visa


The new TSS visa came into effect on March 18, and it will provide skilled migrant workers with the opportunity to work in their specialised field for an approved sponsor in Australia. As with the old 457 visa, holders and applicants of the TSS visa are required to have adequate health insurance under condition 8501. Read more...

Challenges when maintaining or introducing a corporate health plan


Corporate health insurance can be an effective way of keeping the staff you can’t afford to lose. However, introducing a plan may be complex and challenging, and sometimes doing so can cost more than you’d thought. We have a look at these challenges and suggest solutions. Read more...

Health funds HCF, HBF in talks for merger


Two large health funds, HCF and HBF are in talks for a merger. This would make them the third largest fund in Australia, strengthening their position and announcing them as a major player in Australian health insurance. We have a closer look. Read more...

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